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Desi Novitasari - Pretty Suami2 Takut Istri kemben melorot g pake bra

Desi Novitasari journey as Pretty Suami-suami Takut Istri is presumed to run without it. The previous election was an office worker, is a stock broker. "I broker in the index is a combination of some shares, but she even play local shares, but foreign shareholders," Desi stories.

desi novitasari suami-suami takut istritoket gede desi novitasari

From then decided to suddenly into the world of entertainment? Since lead friends. A classic story, of course. Then, the friend, asking to accompany election promises in the production of Multivision. Unexpectedly, sitting in there, had decided to follow the requested promises.

"I was purposely, because she thought now it's younger players time , a dozen years. Meanwhile, my age is 23, and I had stripped to play sinteron. But, where she is now, "said Desi Novitasari .

desi novitasari telanjangdesi novitasari bugil

some bids that offer movie role with the Pretty, refusal. "The future she would like more selective again, constrained exit from the image like this. Because she thought this was just once, "said Desi Novitasari.

foto sexy desi novitasari

foto toket desi novitasari

And desire as to what role you with December? "What was the role of other bids would she want to, so internet may be," said Desi. (ajo)
Personal Data:
Full Name: Desi Novitasari
Nickname: Desi, Eci
Date of Birth place: New York, 8 Dec 1984
Father's Name: Suherman
Mother's Name: Eka Seniwati
Holiday: Sport, Hang Out, Traveling
Children: 1 of 2 with

Suami-Suami Takut Istri

Suami-Suami Takut Istri The Movie

Pretty (Suami-suami takut istri)-Desi Novitasari
Desi Novitasari: Si Seksi yang Tidak Mau Seksi

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