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Indonesia Sexy Por Top Model Aline Tumbuan

Caroline Ingrid Adita better known by the name Aline Tumbuan born in Jakarta, 17 July 1980. Aline Tumbuan is known as a model, TV host some events, such as Hot Spot and Sexy Food Lover, Radio announcer Cosmopolitan, and the nurse interview rubric Ask Aline in the men's magazine FHM.

Women who like collecting beautiful lingerie is married with Aditya Tumbuan, son pairs celebrities Rima Melati and Frans Tumbuan in 2003.

Aline Tumbuan and Ayik (call Aditya) met while Aline Tumbuan do fashion show in the Netherlands with Rima Melati and Ramli. At that time Rima Aline introduce her sonTumbuan Aditya, who lived in the Netherlands.

Foto Aline Tumbuan

Foto Aline Tumbuan bugil

Aline Tumbuan body postures that perfect present for each of the designer dress well, make Aline Tumbuan often involved in the fashion show to various countries, such as in Italy, Greece, to the United States. Aline Tumbuan even men's magazines selected readers' For Him Magazine 'as a most sensual woman in the election titled 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005. A plume of pretasi for Aline initiated his career as a model since 1995 when he joined the school property Oky Asokawati mode.

Foto bugil Aline Tumbuan

The life of the household with Ayik was not longstanding. Five years in association with the wedding enough for Ayik and Aline Tumbuan. On 30 December 2008, the Aline Tumbuan and Ayik has officially divorced. News divorce and they do not tercium by infotainment media. Although the official has been separated, they still stay the same house.

Foto telanjang Aline Tumbuan

Aline Tumbuan

Foto Seksi Aline Tumbuan

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