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New Iron Maiden Track Up For Free Download

So holy fuck, I totally forgot about the Iron Maiden countdown thing that started the other day that nobody had any idea what it was for. Luckily I was reminded by TheNumberOfTheBlog and come to find out, the countdown was for the album art, tracklisting and a free download of the first single from their upcoming album, The Final Frontier. Pretty cool looking album cover, if I might say so. Looks like the release date has been set for August 16th (17th for the U.S.) and the album has a total running time of over 76 minutes!. On top of all of this, they have tour dates posted for The Final Frontier Tour.
You can also pre-order the album in MP3 format for just $7.99. Other album options will be available in the future, such as vinyl picture disc, Limited Edition CD with exclusive content, iTunes lp and maybe more.  Track listing, download direct link and a partial press release after the fold.

The band reunited with long-time Maiden producer Kevin “Caveman” Shirley in early 2010 at Compass Point Studios, Nassau to record the album and then moved to LA to finish the recording and do the mixing. Compass Point Studio is very familiar to the band, it was where they recorded the Piece Of Mind (’83), Powerslave (’84) and Somewhere In Time (’86) albums.
Thirty years on from their eponymous debut album in April 1980, The Final Frontier will be Maiden’s 15th studio album, making a remarkable average of a new album every two years for 30 years and totalling over 80 million album sales during this period.
The full tracklisting for the album (total running time 76:35) is:
1. Satellite 15….The Final Frontier 8:40
2. El Dorado 6:49
3. Mother Of Mercy 5:20
4. Coming Home 5:52
5. The Alchemist 4:29
6. Isle Of Avalon 9:06
7. Starblind 7:48
8. The Talisman 9:03
9. The Man Who Would Be King 8:28
10. When The Wild Wind Blows 10:59
To download the new single, El Dorado along with artwork for the single (as seen above), Click here For U.S. Download. Click here for Everywhere else.
As far as the track goes, it’s a good Iron Maiden tune. I certainly hope there are better ones on the album, but I’ll settle for this for now.
*Be patient with Iron Maiden’s website. It seems that it’s crashing from all the traffic that it’s getting.
Click here for the full press release and tour dates.
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