Sabtu, 24 Juli 2010

License Key Avira Antivir Premium 2010

On year 2010 Avira give promo License Key for Avira (HBEDV.KEY). This license for Avira premium security suite. So you don”t need to crack or keygen for generate serial number key for avira. If you using cracking method your avira antivir will block from update and your serial number have been blacklist from avira server.
Promo of license key avira antivirus  only give 3 month your license. After end 3 month you can purchase the avira software for full version. But if you don”t have some money for buying license, remove your avira premium and use avira free download for personal at home.
But any different for personal avira and premium avira antivir. More information about premium product like :
  • AntiVir stops all types of viruses
  • Anti AdSpyware eliminates adspyware
  • AntiPhishing proactive protection against phising
  • AntiRootkit against hidden rootkit threats
  • AntiDrive-by prevents against downloading viruses when surfing
  • AntiBot prevents dangerous bot networks
  • EmailScannerEnhanced email protection
  • WebGuard protection against malicious websites
  • RescueSystem create a bootable rescue CD
  • BackupSystem configurable data backup solution
  • AntiSpam filters out unwanted emails
  • FireWall protection against hackers
  • GameMode uninterrupted game play
  • QuickRemoval eliminate viruses at the push of a button NEW!
  • NetbookSupport for laptops with low resolution NEW!
  • ParentalControl block websites unsuitable for children NEW!
What you need for get free license avira antivir? Only need email addres and fill out online form, license key will send to your email. Install your Avira Premium Security Suite product version 9.0 and browse license key for 3 month in year 2010.

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