Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010

Risti Tagor Seksi Beautiful Indonesian Young Star Sinetron bugil asli

Risti Tagor is beautiful young celebrity, she was born 12 April 1989 from, risti tagor has a beautiful face, erotic eye, sensual lips yes because she is combination of Aceh and Batak blood.
Foto Cantik Risty Tagor with flower motif Dress - risty tagor fashion, celebrty fashion style indonesia, young beautiful actress from indonesia risty tagor, she very cute , she has beautiful face so enjoy for looks foto risty tagor in photoblog artis indonesia.

Secretly soap star and the film Risty Tagor a hobby cook. This cute-faced artist considers cooking as a medicine in times of stress saturated.
At age teenagers would rather spend time at the mall or other entertainment venues, artists Risty Tagor prefer instead busied himself in the kitchen when the shooting holiday. This long-haired virgin is really like to cook and create new menus.

"Make me a woman should not cook. And usually when it's in the kitchen, I like that idea to make a new food," said Risty when found in a restaurant in the number Wijaya, South Jakarta, Thursday (28/8/2008) .
Bestfriends movie star? This claim rather forget the time when it was in the kitchen. "Usually when I cook I like to forget the time. Sometimes I can be all day in the kitchen," she said.
Not only that, by cooking a variety of foods, can help eliminate the stress of Risty shooting schedule is very crowded.
"For me, cooking can help me more enthusiasm to go back again during the shoot. Anyway, so the food I cook and lots of love, the stress I went missing," she concluded.

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